Government Relations

Access Point has the relationships, experience, and influence for advancing public policy initiatives at the state and local government levels.

By monitoring key legislative studies and commissions, Access Point offers its clients targeted legislative tracking and reporting that allows them up to the minute information to make important decisions. 

Access Point brings many years of experience, strong relationships, and a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes in working with the state and local governments.  Whether its lobbying to achieve a public policy outcome or positioning for procurement opportunities to grow your business, our insight into decision makers and the decision-making process can be a critical factor in your success.

At the state level, depending on the issue, Mindy and Mike work with the Governor’s Administration, the General Assembly, or regulatory agencies to advance and protect your interests.  With local government, they work with Mayors and Council members, Chairs and Supervisors, and agency and department heads to advance your initiatives.

Clients have leveraged our talents to assist with:

  • Advancing or opposing legislation
  • Monitoring and reporting on legislation or issues of interest or concern
  • Coalition building and public opinion leader and organization outreach
  • Political contributions management
  • Procurement positioning and development of key relationships

The government environment can provide both opportunities and challenges.  Access Point’s expert government affairs support can measurably impact your organization’s success.

Key Functions:

  • Legislation monitoring and reporting
  • Coalition opportunity discovery
  • Political contributions management

Our Government Relations services include:

  • Strategy development and execution to advance legislation, budget requests, regulatory changes, and permit applications
  • Strategy development and execution in opposition to harmful laws and regulations
  • Monitoring and reporting on legislation or issues of interest or concern
  • Coalition building and grass tops public opinion leader outreach
  • Strategic outreach and relationship development with key policy makers and staff
  • Development and dissemination of advocacy materials in favor or in opposition to proposed public policy changes
  • Drafting and delivering testimony before legislative studies, commissions, and committees
  • PAC and political contributions management
  • Research and intelligence gathering for successful procurement positioning