Community Relations

Creating and implementing a comprehensive and strategic community relations program can expand your organizations visibility and influence with public opinion leaders, government officials and other important audiences.

After evaluating existing community involvement and understanding your goals, Access Point can develop a highly focused and effective community relations strategy that maximizes financial and volunteer resources

Access point has the experience and community connections to help create and implement effective community relations programs.  Engaging the communities you serve as a positive force on issues that align with your business or areas of expertise can result in improved communities, energized employees, and valuable corporate credibility.

Opportunities are abundant to give back to the community.  Identifying your available resources, determining valued community needs and finding potential partners are all important components of a successful program.  Mindy and Mike can perform a community relations audit that includes a review of existing community relations activities, interviewing key community stakeholders and key internal company employees to understand how your organization is perceived, and preparing a report that recommends strategies for community engagement that maximize financial and volunteer resources and achieves your goals.

Our Community Relations services include:

  • Evaluation of present community relations activity through a Strategic Community Impact Analysis, including employee and public opinion leader perceptions of your organization
  • Identification of community support activities that align with your business goals, expertise, and resources
  • Creation of a comprehensive community relations program that builds a positive reputation and valued credibility with the communities that you serve