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Access Point is available M-F, 24/7. For our clients, we're available any time.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small non-profit or in between, Mindy and Mike bring a focused strategic approach to help you seize opportunities and overcome challenges. Depending on the specific situation, either Mindy or Mike will be the main point of contact with the other providing support as needed. Their goal is to provide the most comprehensive, objective-based approach that allows clients to achieve success. Whether it is a limited term project or an ongoing retainer relationship, as the owners of Access Point, Mindy and Mike maintain maximum flexibility to meet client engagement needs.

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Contact Access Point Public Affairs:

Mindy c: (571) 242-2684, p: (757) 422-0182

Mike c: (571) 242-2683 , p:(757) 422-0282.  

P.O. Box #? Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451