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Access Point's partners maintain an exclusive focus on Virginia where they have more than 45 years of combined experience working to advance and protect the interests of their clients. From their diverse and deep backgrounds in public affairs, Mindy and Mike bring valuable insight to problem solving and the development of effective solutions. Over many years of working with public opinion leaders and organizations, elected officials and other key public policy decision makers, they have built and maintain trusted relationships and credibility.

The firm's services include Communications, Government Relations, Community Relations, Procurement Positioning, Relationship Development, and Association Management. Mindy and Mike provide these strategic services for clients across an array of industries, including communications, energy, general business, healthcare, land use, manufacturing, public safety, technology, and transportation.

How we work

Each client is unique, but the approach always begins the same—Mindy and Mike listen to understand and then act to develop a comprehensive strategy and provide support that positions clients for success. They offer clients a different, educated and experienced perspective, knowing what to say, how to say it, where, when, and to whom.

They work to influence public policy at the state and local government levels through direct lobbying and coalition building with public opinion leaders and organizations, using an effective communication plan and strategy that is specially designed to help achieve client goals. They do the research and intelligence gathering to help position clients to maximize their opportunities with procurements. They help broaden a client's key relationships through introductions and opportunities to build partnerships and friendships. In the area of association management, they perform all services from membership development to meetings and direct lobbying, operating as in-house staff without the significant additional cost of in-house staff.